How To Be Single

A book written by Liz Tuccillo, published in 2008.

Quite interesting because it mentioned about how to live as a single person. Turn out I'm also a single person.  😅😅😂😂. As we had common thing, the book got a place in my mind. 

A single can be a divorcee,  a break-heart, a still-not-found or refuse-to-believe love person.  It's only a matter of how to endure it.

The author travels around few countries (Rome,  Brazil,  India,  Australia,  Iceland,  Bali,  Paris) to understand about love,  dating, marriage from their own perspectives (of course, it involved single women). 

The author believes as a single women,  we have to
- love ourselves fiercely.  Like a lioness protecting her cub.
- love ourselves as passionately as the Roman's love,  with joy and enthusiasm and entitlement
- love ourselves with the pride and dignity of any French women
- love ourselves as if we are seventy-year-old Brazilian women dressed all in red and white parading around in the middle of a block party
- stalk ourselves as how much energy we need to put into
- discover our inner Viking and wear our shining armour and love ourselves as bravely as we ever thought possible.

She also point-out several rules which discovered throughout of her journey in writing How to Be Single.
1. Make sure you have friends
2. Dont be crazy, no matter how you feel, because it just makes us all look bad
3. Decide what you believe in and then behave accordingly
4. Get carried away (eventhough it's just  impossible to know when you should and when it's just going to end in disaster)
5. Figure out the whole sex thing - when you want it,  how to get it,  who to do it with
6. Make peace with the statistics because there really isn't anything we can do about them (or is there?)
7. Admit that sometimes you feel desperate  (I won't tell a soul)
8. There's really so few people who have it all so try not to bother with that whole envy thing
9. Not to pressure on you,  but start thinking about the whole motherhood thing
10. Remember that sometimes there are more important things than you and your lousy love life and get your friends more involved in helping you with your lousy love life
11. Believe in miracles

To me,  be a single is not an issue. You are not alone. There's thousands  or millions people around the world be the single person. Don't forget,  there's people around you.  Named it,  Friends, families, colleague. You will always be supported by them. Let them be in your life. Perhaps there is a reason why you be a single.  Maybe, your Prince Charming has waiting the plane or car to reach you. Why don't you use this chance to cross over your bucket list?

Be positive. As it may bring happier and calmness to you.  😉😉😉

My first life

Based on K-drama Because this is my first life

How good your life is? It may not true to say the life is good. 
The journey is filled with sweetness, bitter and quite challenging.

There's gonna be a first step whenever we would like to try something. Regardless if we had experienced it before, its gonna be the first even if you are alone, or with partners.

The storyline is so close to me.
Why? It talks about different views on relationships and marriage. It describes about how people make decisions for their life. A person may ready to marriage, while others may not. In other view, a person may seek understanding for mutual interest.

How you are willing to be part of it? Is it by playing around or just make your own decision?

That's comes the 'first my life' moments. 

Bukan Seorang

Kau aku kita.
Tiga berbeza.

Kau bukan seorang.
Aku bukan seorang.
Tapi kami.

Ada kami di sebalik kamu.
Penuh bererti jika dirai kejayaan kami.

Ps : impian orang impian sendiri lain rasanya jika dicapai.

Aku Rindu 90's

Aku Rindu 90's.

Konsep naratif di sekitar 1990s.
Tajuk yang unik, menjadi penarik untuk diriku membaca.
Mungkin buku ini boleh dijadikan kenangan untuk mereka yang pernah menjadi kanak-kanak di musim 1990s.

Penuh sinis. Tapi ada agendanya.
Mungkin nampak ringan, tapi ada ceritanya.

New Boyz.
Eskrem pop.
Main tikam.
Cerita Aku Sebatang Pen.
Kereta Iswara.
Lawatan Kuala Lumpur.
Power Rangers.
Dragon Ballz.

Ayat :

Orang mula hidup dengan dunia khayalan, salah satu sebabnya manusia sentiasa rasa bersendirian. Kalau tak, masakan Facebook, Twitter, Myspace untung berjuta-juta.

Ideologi sekular "buku yang elok cuma buku teks sekolah" telah berjaya masuk ke dalam minda orang kita, sama konsepnya dengan cerita "makan gaji".

Serius, siapa yang tak rindu masa lalu.
Bermain, berlari, berlumpur.
Kotor itu kawan.
Takut hanya pada amarah mak dan abah.
Rotan denda itu perkara biasa.

Serius, Aku Rindu 90's

Accomplishment 2017

How much have you achieved in year 2017?
Have you crossed your yearly-list?

Alhamdulillah... Thanks to God, I able to ensure Im always on track to complete my study within 2 years (well, my funder asked me(mother).. 😂😂😂).. A science student fall into finance. You should noted how difficult is it to adapt with new environement. Hard, yes..indeed. Challenge, I accept it. Luckily, it brought more memories to me..

Alhamdulillah...Allah permudahkan rezeki. Tahun ni berjaya bawak mak ngan abah jalan2 pegi Jogjakarta. Never thought will travel with mom and dads. We visited many places..but yet, the list are too long. 😅😅😅.   Our journey consumed a lot of time since the places are far to each other.

Alhamdulillah...I achieved my aim untuk menabung..walaupun sikit, jadilah...  😊😊😊😊

Alhamdulillah...dapat travel few states and countries this year. Vietnam and Jogjakarta are unlocked. ✔. Jenjalan dalam Malaysia :Port Dickson, Cameron Highlands, Kelantan, and Tawau are checked.

Alhamdulillah... 😍😍

Fantasi itu bukan realiti

Cerita penuh dengan fantasi.



Kehidupan yang dilalui penuh dengan realiti.

Namapun cerita.

Menjadi peneman di malam hari.

Pancake 😍

Well, I craved for something sweet. 
So, I went to Paradigm Mall to eat Pancake. 

What do I eat? 

Manga flavor pancake

Where is it? 

Pancake House at Paradigm Mall

Lepas makan, jalan-jalan sekejap dekat situ dekat situ. Jumpa satu kedai vintage. Terus fall in love. Semua barang cantik-cantik. Bila jalan-jalan tengok barang, jumpa satu botol cute. A glass bottle with lips. 

Holding the bottle like a model.

Another design. 

Harga affordable. Dalam RM 10. Walaupun suka, tapi tak beli pun. Takut tak terpakai nanti. Kat Rumah, dah berlambak botol air. 


That's all.
Till we meet again.
TaTa TaTa