Pancake 😍

Well, I craved for something sweet. 
So, I went to Paradigm Mall to eat Pancake. 

What do I eat? 

Manga flavor pancake

Where is it? 

Pancake House at Paradigm Mall

Lepas makan, jalan-jalan sekejap dekat situ dekat situ. Jumpa satu kedai vintage. Terus fall in love. Semua barang cantik-cantik. Bila jalan-jalan tengok barang, jumpa satu botol cute. A glass bottle with lips. 

Holding the bottle like a model.

Another design. 

Harga affordable. Dalam RM 10. Walaupun suka, tapi tak beli pun. Takut tak terpakai nanti. Kat Rumah, dah berlambak botol air. 


That's all.
Till we meet again.
TaTa TaTa

Kita Lupa

Manusia itu bukan maksum..

Kita berjaya hati gembira.
Kita jatuh hati sedih.

Dengan siapa kita bercerita.
Manusia juga kita rujuk.

Hati masih sama.
Tiada kelegaan. Tiada ketenangan.
Terlupa akan kewujudanNya.
Tapi, lupakah? Atau alpa? Atau ego?

Tanya dengan hati.

Beautiful Me Beautiful Life

Can I be as beautiful as these flowers? 
Yes, you can. 
When you succeed. 

Flower is not always beautiful.
It takes time to bloom.
Seed > leaves > flower 
Patience, efforts, confidence.
These what it costs you.

Same with life. 
The beauty of life lies on its challenge.
To be succeed or survive, you have to sacrifice.
Who knows. 
A big smile satisfaction at the end. 

Visit Penang


Penang, here we come. !!
This is my fourth state which I went last year (sorry..late posting :) ) 

Me and 2 of my friends booked the date (28 - 30 August 2015) for the holiday. 
Because we will get some rest on 31 August 2015 as it fall  on Monday. 
And of course by flight. Tak larat nak drive. hehehe. 

The places we went during the holiday: 

- Padang Kota Lama (Fort Cornwallis)

- Medan selera near to Padang Kota Lama 
Sotong Kangkung 
(Orang kata kalau datang Penang, kena makan pasembur) 

- Batu Feringhi

- Toy Museum Heritage Garden 
- Masjid Terapung Tanjung Bunga
- Made in Penang Interative Museum

- Amazing World Studio

- Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

- Penang Street Art 

- Coconut Ice Cream

- Roti Canai Mamak (Tak ingat nama Jalan) 

- Museum of Camera

So far, thats the place that we managed went. 
And there are places that still yet to be discovered by us.
It means another holiday to Penang. 
When is it? 

The time will come soon. 

Foodhunting : Babarittos



The Babarittos.. One of famous food trucks.
Food truck is the new phenomena in Malaysia, basically the idea come from Chef movie.
I never heard about the food truck till I went to 1st Asean Summit Entrepreneurship.
Food truck business is a good initiative for those who want to earn money.

Babaritos was suggested by this fella, Sharul Nizam. He is a food lover.
Sanggup tak makan tengahari gara-gara nak makan sini. ;p

He saw it on tv programme, JJMC (Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan).
Location, it was easy to be found : Near to Colombia Hospital Setapak, with yellowish truck.

The menu:
Buritto Mexicano : RM10
Chessy Buger : RM13
Quescabila  : RM 13
And banyak lagi. Tak hengat menu.

All the foods were yummy.
Staffs are friendly.
Melayan kami-kami yang tak cukup sos cili dan sos keje.

Anyway, please come here.
I give you my recommendation.

"Food tastes better when you eat it with your family" 

Tea Break Walking


Friends show their love in times of trouble,not in happiness - Euripides 

1st in 2016


First entry for this year.

Let's start the year by Write A Good Diary