Foodhunting : Babarittos



The Babarittos.. One of famous food trucks.
Food truck is the new phenomena in Malaysia, basically the idea come from Chef movie.
I never heard about the food truck till I went to 1st Asean Summit Entrepreneurship.
Food truck business is a good initiative for those who want to earn money.

Babaritos was suggested by this fella, Sharul Nizam. He is a food lover.
Sanggup tak makan tengahari gara-gara nak makan sini. ;p

He saw it on tv programme, JJMC (Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan).
Location, it was easy to be found : Near to Colombia Hospital Setapak, with yellowish truck.

The menu:
Buritto Mexicano : RM10
Chessy Buger : RM13
Quescabila  : RM 13
And banyak lagi. Tak hengat menu.

All the foods were yummy.
Staffs are friendly.
Melayan kami-kami yang tak cukup sos cili dan sos keje.

Anyway, please come here.
I give you my recommendation.

"Food tastes better when you eat it with your family" 

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